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blueEnergy Nicaragua Development Associate Volunteer


blueEnergyPosition: blueEnergy Nicaragua Development Associate Volunteer
Primary Location: Bluefields, Nicaragua
Reports To: Planning and Institutional Development Director of blueEnergy Nicaragua
Area/Department:  Planning and Institutional Development
Application Deadline: December 13, 2013 | Start Date: January 28, 2014
Duration Commitment: 1 year minimum (preference given to 2 year commitment)

Description of Organization

blueEnergy is an international nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of poverty to create a world of sustainable living and opportunity for all.  The organization does this by creating opportunities for sustainable development in severely marginalized communities and by developing leaders working internationally for a more equitable, sustainable world.
blueEnergy creates impact in Nicaragua, both locally and nationally, as well as internationally.  At the local level, blueEnergy delivers renewable energy, clean water, and other key services to marginalized communities on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast utilizing a holistic approach to community development and capacity building.  At the national level, blueEnergy is facilitating and strengthening a network of renewable energy service providers to expand access to sustainable energy across Nicaragua.  At the international level, blueEnergy is playing a lead role in the creation of a network of organizations working with locally produced, small wind turbines for rural electrification.

blueEnergy’s project headquarters are located in Bluefields, Nicaragua.  There, the organization recruits a diverse, multi-cultural team of international volunteers and local and international staff.  This unique organizational structure amplifies blueEnergy’s impact and provides the volunteers themselves with a transformative experience to help them reach their global leadership potential.
The blueEnergy Group is made up of blueEnergy International, blueEnergy US, blueEnergy France, and blueEnergy Nicaragua.  More information is available on our website at www.blueEnergyGroup.org and in our online newsletter, the blueNews.

Description of Position

blueEnergy is looking for talented, committed individuals to join our diverse, dynamic organization, and can offer many opportunities for meaningful personal and professional growth.
Currently blueEnergy is seeking a mature, culturally sensitive, pro-active individual with strong motivation to be blueEnergy Nicaragua’s Development Associate Volunteer.  In this position, you will be responsible for exploring funding and profile development opportunities for blueEnergy, as well as provide technical and organizational support to the blueEnergy Nicaragua Planning Coordinator and the Project Development team in Bluefields.
Candidates must have exceptional teamwork and emotional intelligence, and be able to thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment.


  • Follow up and filter through funding opportunities received by blueEnergy Nicaragua from the international development team.
  • Assist in the development of profiles to be submitted to various foundations and grant-giving bodies in coordination with the planning, project development and technical teams.
  • Interact with and serve as a link between the grant writing team in Bluefields and the Development Directors in Managua, San Francisco, and Paris.
  • Communicate funding opportunities to the blueEnergy Nicaragua Planning Team as well as blueEnergy International teams
  • Provide methodological and organizational support to the Planning Coordinator and the Project Developer
  • Work on internal studies for blueEnergy Nicaragua, including organization, process definitions, and the development of institutional tools.
  • Research foundations and grant-giving organizations for funding opportunities and partnerships.  Analyze the opportunities and provide reports detailing the level of alignment to blueEnergy actions and philosophy and provide recommendations for project profile development.


  • BSc Degree in Relevant Fields (e.g. International Relations/Affairs) MSc Preferred
  • Intermediate Spanish language (written and spoken) required; fluent Spanish preferred; knowledge of French a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills
  • Strong internet research skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft office and Google Docs
  • Experience in grant writing and project profile development
  • Understanding of budgeting and basic financial analysis
  • Flexibility and resilience in a challenging work environment
  • Demonstrated ability to build and manage effective working relationships in a multicultural environment
  • Pro-active and able to work independently to complete project tasks
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow through on task assignments
  • Capacity to listen and respect others’ opinions

Field Working Conditions

The majority of work is in an office setting in the town of Bluefields, where blueEnergy has an office and international volunteer team communal house where living conditions are simple (Yes we do have wireless internet!). On trips to the field “communities”, working and living is extremely basic and requires that the volunteer have the ability to adapt to the conditions.

Important Considerations

If you are currently in a serious relationship it is very important to understand the impacts that volunteering for a year abroad will have on your relationship.  Because of the communal/shared living situation we do not allow “couples” to live together at blueEnergy UNLESS both are volunteers with blueEnergy.  Therefore, if you want to live at the blueEnergy facilities with your partner they must also apply for a volunteer position in blueEnergy.

Alternatively, if you want to volunteer and live with your non-volunteer partner you will be responsible to independently find and finance your own living situation in Bluefields.

Compensation and Fees

Working with blueEnergy in Nicaragua provides the volunteer with a rich experience in multi-cultural team work, indigenous cultures, development models and appropriate technology. At blueEnergy’s core is a strong entrepreneurial culture which promotes initiative and leadership. blueEnergy volunteers are given great responsibility and, as a result, they experience tremendous growth, both personally and professionally while serving on the ground.

This volunteer position provides a unique opportunity to learn about the social-development sector, acquire hands on experience in project profile development, relationship management with funders, non-profit financing and fundraising and operating in divers’ international teams.  It is also an opportunity to strengthen Spanish and English professional proficiency while deepening cultural awareness and empathy.

This position is a “Volontaire de Solidarité Internationale” (VSI) contract. It includes room, board, orientation, internet, laundry, emergency medical insurance, plane ticket, and a monthly stipend of at least 152€ the first year. All information regarding VSI conditions can be found here http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F11444.xhtml

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